Haunted House Hunting

House, town, state or country: Bottom line is we have moved 10 times in 16 years.

But, I must be getting old because this unexpected move has just begun and I’m already exhausted. To the point I feel like I need a B12 shot or something. Where do I get one? I’m serious.

Anyway, this past weekend we house hunted for 3 days straight.
Morning till night.
Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at houses and I’m a huge (this word has made a comeback huh?) HGTV fan. To the point, Den was mocking Chip and Joanna Gaines for 3 days straight (God, help me).

The houses in Georgia are big and beautiful and on very large lots. Everything a couple of empty nesters are looking for. Anyway, despite the gorgeous homes there were a few interesting things we stumbled upon.

1. Walking through a beautiful two story, we came across small cutout compartments in the loft above. Apparently used for storage. We cautiously open them up and low and behold they are carpeted with locks on the doors. Being from the suburbs of Chicago, the first thing we think of is kidnapping or even adult napping (Lord knows, I need a nap). The realtor doesn’t even understand our suspicious minds. Good for her.

2. Den is always on the hunt for the perfect “lake house.” Which by the way, we are probably not getting because they are (for the most part), really far out (as in distance, not 70’s style.) And God forbid, I need something in a hurry. I’m not driving 30 miles for a bag of almond M & M’s. So the next best thing is neighborhoods that have lake access. We are touring a gorgeous home in one of those neighborhoods and all of a sudden I hear Den yell for me to head to the basement. He’s standing in the storage area (that has a door and a lock) and instructs me to pull back the curtain to the second part of the storage area (the storage room’s own storage room).
“Oh hell no” were the words that popped out of my mouth.
Picture this…Child sized table and chairs, with numerous dressed up dolls, all perfectly staged around the table, drinking tea. Not just one set but two sets of tables, chairs, dolls and tea.
The realtor joins us and says…”Oh, how cute, a little play area for their children.” Good for her.

3. Last but not least, it looks like Den just might get his “lake house.” Our realtor (who is awesome by the way) text and says a new listing just popped up and asked if we wanted to see it. She gives us the listing and the house looks amazing and has everything we are looking for. As she is driving us to the property, we are getting more and more excited.

“Is that the house” “Where is the house”

“That one?” “Are you sure?”

“Ohhhhh…the gorgeous house with the cemetery in the front yard?” *Yes, I said cemetery.

“Oh hell no” were the words that popped out of my mouth.

They literally had to cut the driveway around the cemetery. Then we proceed to tell her all about our friend’s house that is haunted and it doesn’t even have it’s own graveyard! The realtor says maybe you can put up a privacy fence. I’m thinking we could negotiate that and maybe they’ll throw in an exorcist too.

So let me wrap this up. I’m not living in a house with secret carpeted human size compartments, tea party dolls tucked away in a secondary storage area or a cemetery lake house.

These are things you just can’t “un see”

Creep HouseA gorgeous lake home.  Cemetery included.

Us graveyardWe sent this to our kids and told them we bought a new home and this is the front yard.


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