Florida memories

That’s my Grandma (my mom’s mom).

She lived in Florida.

She drove a Dodge Super Bee.

She could be as mean as an alligator which is ironic since her neighbor had a 6ft pet alligator named Susie.

Or maybe the neighbor’s name was Susie.

It doesn’t matter, the lady had an alligator as a pet.

That’s my brother.

He was Grandma’s favorite which is quite apparent since he’s sitting on her lap and I’m sitting in a box.

One last thing: I have the exact same hairdo from when I was a 1 and 1/2 year old.



5 thoughts on “Florida memories

  1. I always wanted to visit Florida. My mom’s parents went there every winter to escape the cold and snow of New York. The decor in your photo looks like my house back in the 60’s.

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