Sweet Seat

Arrive at airport ✈️

3:30 am

People coughing and sneezing which is kicking my germ phobia into overdrive. 😷

Get stopped through security 👮 on account of the Himalayan Crystal Salt Night Light my friend bought me.

(G.S.is out to get me, huh?)

Reach my concourse ✈️

Umpteen seats available and I pick the one directly across from “SWEET INDULGENCES” 🍫

I’m not sure if I’m more upset that I have to face my addiction this early in the morning or the fact it’s not open yet. 🤔

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Apparently it’s my bio

It’s uncanny how much this person knows about me.


De Soave’s main goal is to put a smile on at least one person’s face every single day and she usually manages to do this by writing things that randomly pop into her head.

De has two adult children who she refers to as M&T.  One is always up for a new adventure and the other is a homebody.  One hopes to live in the south one day and the other practically lives in the North Pole.  The one thing they can always agree on is an overpriced Bloody Mary.

De’s husband is Den and he retired from the Air Force after 26 years, started another career and is the most amazing caregiver to De (when need be).  De is also the love of his life and he can’t live without her (most days).

De spends a majority of her day’s doc hopping because she was born genetically damaged and thrives on staying alive.

In the past 35 years, De has sold one online story and hopes to exceed this number by one or two in the next 35 years or until she succumbs to one of her medical conditions.

De inherited her quirky (hokey) sense of humor from her dad and there isn’t a single soul that laughs at their jokes more than the two of them.

Facts about De Soave

She could survive on chocolate and taco’s.

She can only fall asleep to HGTV.

She has at least 15 rolls of paper towels in the house at all times.

She apparently enjoys referring to herself in the 3rd person.

She requires alone time 85% of the time or her right eye starts twitching.

She loves her son’s $300.00 “hand me down” couch and fears the day it makes its way to furniture heaven.

She purchases solid color jammie pants so in case of an emergency (walking outside to get the mail) they can be passed off as regular pants.

She is a perfect weather seeker (68-78 degrees) because extremely hot weather makes her head hurt and extremely cold weather makes her joints ache.

She loves to travel to new places and usually on arrival, she wants to go home.

*She’s quite savvy on figuring out those social media thingymijigs so feel free to follow her…

Twitter:  @desoave1

Instagram:  desoave

Blog:  desoave.com


Hotels. Men. Bugs.

There’s a thrill in waking up in a strange hotel room next to a handsome man.

That is until you start thinking about all the other strange handsome and not so handsome men that slept in the exact same bed that you are lying in at that moment.

And then your mind starts running through different scenarios of who joined “that man” that slept in the exact same bed that you are lying in at that moment.

Unfortunately, you also start wondering about hygiene and if “they” utilize the same 67 products you use every day to feel your best.  Do they use a sinus rinse to stay ahead of “cold season”?  Do they carry hand wipes to kill germs before they kill you?  Do they delight in the fact there are toilet seat protector sheets available in select public restrooms?  Do they beat their fists on every mattress in every new hotel room to make sure there are no bed bugs?

It’s going to take me awhile to forget the images going through my head.

Anyone know where I can purchase a “black light” and a gallon of Purell?




Life saving excuse

I’m in Texas right now. I’m tagging along with my husband while he takes care of business here.  He is not a big fan of going places without me and he doesn’t ask for much so these are the things I do to maintain “best wife” status.

So, I packed my athletic clothes and gym shoes in hopes to walk on the hotel treadmill.  Read a little, write a little and exercise a little.  I wouldn’t want to stress myself out.

Then I got to thinking…

We are staying on the outskirts of a big city and there are  not a lot of people at this hotel this week.  I envision myself in the gym with my headphones on, jamming to “What Ifs”, minding my own business and someone either hitting me over the head with a 10 pound dumbbell or putting their handkerchief (filled with chloroform) across my mouth, throwing me in an oversized laundry bin and adult- napping me right in the middle of the day.

People don’t think of these things and this is how Lifetime movies are made.

So now I’m basically reading a little, writing a little and worrying that the feds are going to start an investigation into why I’m googling chloroform.


This is me if I was blonde, had straight hair and I was 25 (35) pounds lighter.


Photo by Shutterstock.

Beach Bound

Den woke up to me singing…”We’re going to the beach…we’re going to the beach…we’re going to the beach”

Followed by: Running Man dance moves (I twisted my ankle).

Anyhoo, we’re going to the beach.


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Thursday in Italy

Here’s a throw back picture. Not because it’s Thursday but because I want it to be Thursday and I want to be in Italy again. Actually I want to be in Italy more than I want it to be Thursday.  Thursday in Italy would be perfect.

If you are observant, you will notice we were in Soave Italy and that my last name is Soave.

I can’t take any credit for this except for the fact that I took a chance and married into this family that originated from Italy. *Where they take naps in the middle of the day and apparently that sealed the deal for me.

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My Airplane Story 1

My Airplane Story 1

Around 6 years ago, I’m on a flight from London to Chicago and I’m feeling victorious because I actually scored a front row seat. Finally, I can stretch my legs out and have a little room to breathe.

I always take care of a few things in the first hour of a flight:

  1.  I usually have to get up a couple of times to use the bathroom (I have a tiny and nervous bladder, don’t judge me).
  2. I always fall asleep before the plane even leaves the runway (all the excitement is just too much for me sometimes) so I decide to adjust my neck pillow and blanket.
  3. After a 45-minute snooze, it’s time for lunch.  Airplane food is not great but with the cost of airfare, you better believe I’m eating every bite and I’m also asking for an extra bag of pretzels (and taking everything in sight; barf bag, newspapers and the sky mall magazine).

It may seem like I’m quite busy but it’s not like I’m acting like some crazy toddler kicking the back of the seat or screaming bloody murder.  (If your child does this, I’m so sorry to use them as an example.)

Anyway, a ginormous British guy behind me is huffing and puffing every single time I move even an inch.  His belly leans up against the back of my seat so he can feel every move I make.  Then he has the nerve to start making comments under his breathe followed by some more huffs and puffs.

I was born with my dad’s gentle demeanor, which is amazing because I’m adopted.  I know, it’s amazing and freaky at the same time.

We (my dad and I) smile

We laugh

We joke

We take a lot

Until we don’t

And then…

It’s not a pretty site and it literally shocks the hell out of people because it’s so out of character for us.

Anyway, British guy made the final mistake of mumbling for the 13th time.

I quickly stood up, spun around, pointed my finger at him and said…

“Listen here jackass, I paid the same amount of money (unless he used Delta points or had a promo code) for my ticket as you did for yours so enough with the animal noises and passive aggressive comments. I WILL be getting up occasionally and re-positioning myself so DEAL with it.”

The man turned a special shade of red and looked like a scolded 5- year old.  He didn’t say another word or grunt another sound the rest of the way to Chicago.

At the baggage claim in Chicago, I made eye contact with him and said

“Now you’re in my country”

I have no idea what I meant by that, but I felt like it was something Liam Neeson would have said.

He scurried away and I imagine he was secretly mumbling something about…

“CRAZY American women”.

IMG_1490 2

I can’t give credit to anyone for this picture because I found it on the internet so please don’t sue me.  At this point, all you would get is a lot of random stuff packed in boxes.