From me to you

De Soave’s advice to you if you are 49 1/2 years old or older…

Buy Cheater/reader glasses in bulk at Sams Club. 👓 👓 👓 👓

Taking Glucosamine may or may not actually help joint pain but all that matters is you think it does.


Unless you enjoy heartburn finish eating 2 hours before bed. 🍕🍔🍟

Otherwise, you will constantly be googling the symptoms between heartburn and a heart attack.

Strange limps upon rising will disappear 30-45 minutes after getting up OR you can google stretches that you can do from the comfort of your 🛏.

Your lower back will most likely hurt on and off (even when you do your physical therapy exercises) until the day you die. I have no advice but I thought you should know.

Last but not least, being in a relationship with someone close to your own age is better for your psyche at this stage in life.

Together you can share cheater/reader glasses, Glucosamine, stretch routines and Tums.

Remember…sharing is caring.

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Life saving excuse

I’m in Texas right now. I’m tagging along with my husband while he takes care of business here.  He is not a big fan of going places without me and he doesn’t ask for much so these are the things I do to maintain “best wife” status.

So, I packed my athletic clothes and gym shoes in hopes to walk on the hotel treadmill.  Read a little, write a little and exercise a little.  I wouldn’t want to stress myself out.

Then I got to thinking…

We are staying on the outskirts of a big city and there are  not a lot of people at this hotel this week.  I envision myself in the gym with my headphones on, jamming to “What Ifs”, minding my own business and someone either hitting me over the head with a 10 pound dumbbell or putting their handkerchief (filled with chloroform) across my mouth, throwing me in an oversized laundry bin and adult- napping me right in the middle of the day.

People don’t think of these things and this is how Lifetime movies are made.

So now I’m basically reading a little, writing a little and worrying that the feds are going to start an investigation into why I’m googling chloroform.


This is me if I was blonde, had straight hair and I was 25 (35) pounds lighter.


Photo by Shutterstock.