Diet Sabotage

My theory as to why I gain 5.5 pounds every time I visit my hometown.

1st picture: I won’t mention any names but I’m convinced my friend of 50 years with the initials G.S. is trying to sabotage my prescribed “diet” with this heavenly and irresistible dessert. The perfect murder weapon.

2nd picture: Check this out…My children’s bonus mom (and their lil sis) take my daughter and I to dinner and she has the nerve to agree on a restaurant that serves Atomic cake! Totally premeditated.

Throw in “random” subtle suggestions to “swing” by Portillos (that might have been me) and the constant bullying me into eating at Mexican restaurants (again, me) all contributed to murdering my diet.

Fingers crossed that my 3 childhood friends don’t have any tricks up their sleeve today when I meet them for tacos. 🌮

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